Untitled Group & XIII Touring are pleased to present the Hip-Hop phenomenon NLE CHOPPA's debut Australian tour!

NLE Choppa, the chart-topping rap sensation, is known for his explosive hits reaching #1 on TikTok’s music chart and the top 10 on the US Spotify chart. NLE Choppa has become a global rap icon. His distinctive style and authenticity have earned him a dedicated fanbase worldwide, and he continues to inspire young artists to be true to themselves. NLE Choppa's journey from an independent artist to a multi-platinum sensation is a testament to his dedication and creative vision. He's constantly pushing boundaries and redefining the rap game. With over 5.5 billion total streams, 14 RIAA-certified plaques, and a massive combined following of 36.5 million on social platforms, he has already achieved remarkable success at just 21 years old. As NLE Choppa prepares to embark on his debut Australian tour, fans can expect a live experience that reflects his immense talent and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness this hip-hop phenomenon in action as he graces the stages of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney in January 2024!