Humble beginnings to social media stardom, taking audiences through their youth as two rapscallion brothers hooning around the streets of Mill Park in Melbourne’s north-east, all the way to the manicured streets of the upper-class suburb of Brighton.

The show is flavoured with Scott’s signature Sassy flair, unearthing the conditions that formed him into being one of the most outrageous and outspoken Aussie personalities he is today, while Luke guides the narrative and can’t help but bait & provoke him along the way.

Their stories are peppered with never-heard-before intimate details that they’ve been saving from socials & their podcast, from the most cringeworthy home videos to heartwarming stories of family and love. The audience is involved in the show every step of the way, from audience call outs and hilarious challenges (that Luke has definitely rigged) with a few potential famous guest appearances throughout the tour!