It’s been a long time between drinks. The Enmore’s had a facelift, and Chat 10 Looks 3 podcasters Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb… haven’t. But after the weird, scary, tracksuit-pant-wearing rut that was 2020, Crabb and Sales are returning to the Enmore for two nights of their trademark glorified water cooler blather. This time, there’s a design quirk. Friday night is The Show That Sales Arranged. Saturday night is The Show That Crabb Arranged. If you’re a Chat 10 fan, you’ll know what this probably means: the Friday show will be spent micro-analysing the opening bars to Hey Jude and you’ll be home in bed by nine. Saturday will be lots things you didn’t know about bird eggs and you’ll be there all night. There may be surprise guests. Neither host knows what the other is planning. It could be complete chaos. Still keen to attend? Jeez, you really are socially starved. See you there!