Let's try this again... last year Chat 10 Looks 3 podcasters Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales came up with a quirky plan for their double-header shows at the Enmore: Friday night would be The Show That Sales Arranged, and Saturday night The Show That Crabb Arranged. But then everything got shuttered by lockdown and it didn't happen. Still, never ones to waste a daft idea, Crabb and Sales are giving it another crack in 2022! Join them as they finally return to the Enmore for two evenings of their usual live show carry-on but with a twist: neither host knows what the other is planning for their night. Leigh's been meticulously plotting her Friday line-up for 18 months, so it might feature a full symphony orchestra and the Australian cricket team. And June is kohlrabi season, so Saturday night could be 90 minutes of Annabel banging on about winter brassicas to a nonplussed mystery guest while Sales taps her watch. What could possibly go wro... oh, never mind. See you there!