We grow up hearing cautionary tales but where are the cautionary tales for grown ups? 

Award winning comedian Bec Melrose is back to guide you through some hard earned life lessons. With her charm and sharp wit, Bec will take you through the unexpected pitfalls of modern life with some hard won “Cautionary Tales”. From bad choices we’ve all made to mistakes you won’t believe are possible, Bec will leave you laughing, wincing and feeling much better about your own story. 

“As someone who struggles with decisions and well… everything really… it’s hard to make confident choices. As my gift to you, I’ve compiled important lessons from my life, so the next time you fall down the stairs and piss yourself at work or find yourself accidentally high at a farmers market, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

Bec Melrose is an award-winning comedian and writer. You may have seen Bec on ABC TV’s Question Everything or at The Comedy Store, the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala or opening for Wil Anderson. She’s the co-host of Mamamia podcast Things You Didn’t Learn in School and is a regular on ABC Radio. Bec's writing credits include ABC TV's Gruen, The Weekly and Question Everything