Hey, I’m Oliver. Let me tell you a story.

One of the things I did while I was in the refugee camp was apply to go to study in Canada.

By the way they ended up telling me no, which sucked.

But part of the process was we had to do an interview. It was a questionnaire that we had to fill out. So we were sitting in the refugee camp, it was about 7am and literally the first question they asked us was: Where do you see yourself in five years?

And I was like “Anywhere but here, literally anywhere but this refugee camp. I’m trying to get the hell out of here, that’s why I’m doing this entire questionnaire.”

It’s a weird thing to ask someone in that situation.

Imagine if Hitler kept doing rounds of people in concentration camps asking them where they hope to be in five years. They’d be like “Are you kidding me? I want to get away from you!

This is not the conversation we should be having Hitler. Go free us.”

That’s the end of my first story. There’s more where that came from. Now I have a question for you: Where do you see yourself at this Comedy Festival?

Please be advised, unfortunately this room is not wheelchair accessible.