What if a comedian decided to make up their entire show on the spot? Watch him nail this high wire feat and avoid disaster! Chicago-trained improviser and award-winning stand-up comedian, Marcel Blanch-de Wilt has decided to put his skills to the test and will concoct a completely original show for you that hasn't been seen before and will never be seen again.

★★★★“Marcel Blanch-de Wilt was born to be a performer.” - What’s On in Adelaide

★★★★"I can tell you now that you simply cannot and will not be able to get through the show without having to break out into roaring laughter every 30 seconds." - Weekend Notes

"... But that’s not what is most impressive. Rather, it’s Marcel’s ability to be completely funny and relateable while weaving his musical and acting training so effortlessly into the show." - The Plus Ones

"Marcel’s comedy took up the whole stage with flare and cheeky mischief that had the audience barely able to catch their breath before the next laugh." - Newcastle Mirage

"Marcel managed to truly captivate everyone with finesse and charm." - Yewth Mag

★★★★"...sharp, witty and full of heart." - Funny Tonne

Please be advised, unfortunately this room is not wheelchair accessible.