Running Times

Wed 30 Mar – Show Start: 7:30pm

Wed 30 Mar – Show Start: 9:30pm

Thu 31 Mar - Show Start: 7:30pm


Social media sensation Jimmy Rees is leaving the comforts, or is that confines, of COVID life at home and hitting the Enmore stage with his first-ever live comedy show in Australia! Jimmy and his characters that have basically kept us all going throughout the pandemic, are coming to Sydney with their special brand of #lol this March.

Funnyman Jimmy Rees has spent more than a decade as an Australian household name, having entertained the masses as a beloved TV & radio personality, comedian, performer and now a viral internet success. Bringing his daily antics to the world wide web, Jimmy’s now-iconic skits transcend the experiences of parenthood and have become a source of hilarity for people of all ages – thanks to his refreshing authenticity and relatability – reaching a monthly digital audience of more than 9 million people.


Wednesday 30th March 2022 @ 9:30pm