She got elected. Now her job is to stand behind the Prime Minister and nod. She’s building a career in politics, going along to get along. She knows that she’ll make real change when she gets to the top, but she’s being served a lot of shit-sandwiches on her way. See, politics – particularly Conservative politics – is a tough place for a lady to thrive. Naked ambition is considered ugly, and good people are swallowed alive by the system. Written and performed by comedian and former Canberra insider Carolyn Swindell and based on interviews from both sides of politics; it's as depressing as it is hilarious.

Carolyn Swindell’s solo debut show Why DIY? was short-listed for the 2019 Sydney Fringe Festival’s Best in Comedy Award. She would have won heaps more awards by now if not for, you know, Covid cancelling EVERYTHING. She is a regular on the Sydney stand-up scene, and appeared at clubs around the country and in her native New Zealand, is a writer of, and, a regular on ABC Radio Sydney’s Drive and Evenings and has opened for Tom Gleeson and Justin Hamilton.

“Excruciatingly entertaining…7 stars. And that’s out of 5.Radio Northern Beaches (Helen and Paul Show)

“Acid sharp, pulls no punches and bloody funny. This is the examination of women in Australian politics that we need right now.” Charlotte Wood, Author, The Natural Way of Things, The Weekend

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