Andrew “Barney” Barnett returns to the Sydney Comedy Festival with his best show yet. Known to the audiences of Fox Sports and Kayo for his work on Fox League (The Professors Late Hit, Sunday Night with Matty Johns), Fox Cricket (The Night Watchmen) and The Back Page, Andrew is also an award winning stand up comedian and a “passable” husband and father.

In his latest show, Andrew tackles all (some) of the issues both big and small (mostly small). From navigating an expanding generation gap, to modern romance and the tedium of homeschooling an 11 year old in “unprecedented times”, Andrew finds the funny in all of it.

He can’t promise any insight or wisdom, but he can promise that you will laugh and hopefully leave feeling just little better about life (even if it is only in comparison to him).

Barney is an hour of stand up about Life, Love and the pursuit of a good Nickname. “Quick witted, sharp-tongued…” The Daily Telegraph

“Warm, personable and hilarious” - Akmal Saleh