2 - 3 MAY @ 7PM

$20.00 - Full // $15.00 - Concession
(02) 9550 3666
Theatre Mode - Unreserved Seating
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Coming out of a sold out season in the 2018 Sydney Comedy Festival with her show ‘Adulting’, Makedonka has grown up (kinda!) and will discuss her thoughts and view on the world in a time of public dramas and political scandals – and maybe some not-so-serious issues that just plain bug her.

She is strong, adaptable and will aim to dissect her own thoughts on a plethora of issues surrounding her and her peers head on in only 45 minutes! (WOW!)

She will be using a substantial amount of superfluous words that may make no sense and will be difficult for her to pronounce and memorise. (But she’s no quitter!)

Brace yourselves and bring your thesauruses, because this show will not be a floccinaucinihilipilification.

“She’ll have you laughing your socks off” – Servo Food Truck Bar

“Hilarious!” – Short and Sweet

“Refreshing new up and comer!” – Flappers Comedy Club

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