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Woody is back, with a show about the one aspect of Australian life that none of us can escape – Parties! He’s spent more than 40 years researching them and knows that if we put as much effort into space travel as we do enjoying ourselves, we’d have conquered Mars long ago. Parties are synonymous with the Aussie way of life. Whatever the reason – a one-year olds birthday, a BBQ, a pyramid-selling Tupperware party, a funeral, a Star Wars gathering for adult virgins, or even the more formal dinner party, we’ll celebrate it in style, or sometimes with a complete lack of.

All we need is a vague reason, people and that one crucial ingredient, alcohol. What could possibly go wrong with that combination? Well, plenty actually. And a lot can go right too. So, come and see Woody’s new show to find out what. You’ll also learn why we love partying so much, why some parties are better than others, why extravert’s love parties and introverts hate them, and most importantly, what you should and shouldn’t do if you meet Sinead O’Connor at a party in the midst of a panic attack.

BYO sense of humour.

The Former Teacher, Postie, Professional AFL Player and Multi Award Winning Comedian, Sean is rich with experience. He burst onto the Sydney Comedy scene in formidable style, in his first year of comedy won the ‘Quest for the Best’, Australia’s richest open mic comedy competition. He also won the iconic Crows Nest Hotel comedy competition in the same year. Sean also made the RAW Comedy state final and then finished runner-up in the nationally acclaimed Green Faces comedy competition. A genuine, authentic character, rich in experiences, Sean is more passionate about his pursuit of comic excellence than he ever was about being a public servant or sex toy salesman.

Sean’s material is classic comedy, with rapid fire relentless delivery of well-crafted jokes is always a winning formula. Not limited to the stage Sean is a freelance writer and an author, having numerous satirical pieces published in Australian magazines and newspapers and is one of the most sort after club performers in Australia.

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